Cannon-Many Tiny Sisters
Athena, Oregon

Click on the girls above to view a more closeup image.

Presented here are my quilling girls. After closing my transcription service and retiring, I searched for a creative outlet. I returned to some of my past hobbies for a very short time, but there was just no excitment. Then my dear friend, Trish, took me to a craft shop and while there I happened upon quilling. Quilling is just fun. I can spend as much time as I wish thinking, designing and creating or I can put it down and read a book.

I started out creating small things. My husband works as a RV Repair Tech. I first made him a small flower pot the size of a thimble with one red rose in it. It still sits on his computer monitor. Then I made him a small car pulling an RV trailer. He loves them and is very protective of them.

As I acquired more quilling tools and ideas, I started making flowers for cards and then made flowers for our patio doors in an effort to keep birds from flying into them. Then my pea brain decided to use flowers as a base for skirts on miniature girls. I've created a total of twelve girls to date of which six have been given to close family and friends. The Puppy Girl with the little puppy was recently given to a close girlfriend I used to work with when in Oklahoma working in-house for my doctors. She named her Belle and it was so much fun to see how delighted she was to get it. Of course, the first one I made that was worthy of gifting went to Trish. It has been an absolute joy to surprise my dearest friends with a unique gift.

The girls presented here are (from left to right):

  • Bunny Girl
  • Puppy Girl
  • Parasol Girl
  • Flute Girl
  • Banjo Girl
  • Kitty Girl
  • Birdie Girl
  • I keep the girls under glass goblets to protect them from dust, etc., since they are only paper and cannot be cleaned. They are about the size of a spool of thread and seem pleased to live in such an elegant glass house!

    My husband has converted my webpage so I can display my Girls and any other projects I come up with. Hope you like what you see!!

    (Updated 11-25-17)